Superfoods For Even Greater Effects

Our ACV gummies have extra ingredients enhancing the effects of apple cider vinegar.

Organic Pomegranate

Pomegranate peel and seeds offer a generous amount of nutrients and bioactive plant compounds.

Vitamin B9

Vitamin B9 is an essential nutrient that helps support overall health and general wellbeing.

Organic Beetroot

Beetroots are a popular superfood for all of the fiber, vitamins and minerals they contain.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 helps with energy production in the body, breaking down the food you eat into available energy.

Citrus (Citric Acid)

Citric Acid has many benefits including producing energy that keeps you active and healthy.


Pectin is a fiber and a natural prebiotic that helps support a healthy gut for healthy digestion.

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All Traditional ACV Benefits in 10x more powerful gummy

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Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies To Curb Your Appetite

ACV contains natural acetic acid and various enzymes that can help reduce your appetite and evening food cravings by suppressing the areas of the brain responsible for appetite. That's one of the ways these gummies can bring you closer to your next fitness goal!

Apple Cider Vinegar For A Healthier Digestion

Our ACV gummies contain various probiotics as well as pectin that help regulate healthy digestion, reduces bloating and aids the good gut bacteria. Studies show that combined with a healthy diet ACV can lead to a long-term weight-loss.

Take Two A Day.
Up to 3 Times Daily.

Two ACV gummies equal one tablespoon (30 mL) of liquid apple cider vinegar since it is ±95% water. Taking 2-6 gummies daily corresponds to amounts of of ACV that have been proven effective in scientific studies.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Larell While

I am near 64 and i notice change in skin and hair and a overall healthy feeling. Jellybee apple cider is great love the way it makes me feel. It works and tastes great.
But I have to add, i also take and love the Tumeric and Ginger gummies, and the collagen gummies they taste great and work to make me feel great.

James Gaffney/The Organic Earthling
Great Gummy Supplements!

Our Family loves these gummies! Great tasting and good for you as well <3

Sylvia Cassil
A little challenging

I love the turmeric & ginger gummies, so I thought I'd try the apple cider vinegar. They are supposed to have apple flavor, but to me the vinegar flavor is pretty strong. I'm going to use all of the 3 bottles I ordered, but still not sure whether I will reorder these. I will definitely continue with the turmeric.

Patricia SmallerGarland

I really like the ACV gummies, better than your competitors, I have tried.

Lisa Lewis
Great product

We love our ACV gummies! Best ones available too!


Frequently asked questions

1. How is taking Apple cider vinegar gummies better than liquid?

If you have ever tried drinking Apple Cider Vinegar on its own, you must know that it’s not the most pleasant taste. Gummies provide an easy, nutritious and delicious way for you to incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar into your daily routine and get the same benefits.

2. How does Jellybee ACV gummy dosage compare to liquid apple cider vinegar?

Two ACV gummies equal one tablespoon (30 mL) of liquid apple cider vinegar since it is ±95% water, while JellyBee gummies are concentrated. Taking 2-6 gummies daily corresponds to amounts of ACV that has been proven effective in scientific studies.

3. How do I take these?

It’s easy - take 2 gummies up to 3 times per day and chew them. Use consistently for sustained effects. To feel the benefits faster and protect your teeth’ enamel, we recommend drinking a glass of water after. We know that it’s hard to resist them, but we suggest enjoying no more than 6 gummies daily.

4. What is your shipping policy?

After completing the order, you will receive the shipping confirmation email, with a tracking link, once your product is shipped. This will be done within 1 business day. We will deliver your products within 3 to 5 business days using USPS.

5. What is your return policy?

Buy with confidence - if you feel there’s something wrong, return within 30 days, no questions asked, just email us at  

We offer 100% hassle-free refund guarantee.

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