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- There are no additional processing fees, and the gift card has no expiration date.
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- Applicable for all store products.

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Supercharge Your Nutrient Absorption

The human body system is not a 100% efficient system. As a result, most nutrients in foods and fruits don't get absorbed into the body. The perfect solution? Try gummy supplements and increase absorption rates up to 90%.

Pill Supplements

Less nutrients per serving

7-12% absorption efficiency

Only a few ingredients

May be hard to swallow

Cause nausea for some people

JellyBee Gummies

More nutrients per serving

±90% absorption efficiency

Proven ingredients

Chewable and easy to consume

A tasty, healthy snack


Easy to order & delivered fast.

Instant delivery by email

Simply print or forward the giftcard.

Buy with confidence

Giftcard has no expiration date.

Safe and tested products

Made of naturally sourced and high quality ingredients.